3601 Fulton Mill Road  Macon, Georgia  31206


What a good day we had in God's house last Sunday.  Good worship and good fellowship.  I love it when so many present are participating in worship.  It really sets the table for the preaching of God's Word and prepares our hearts to hear from the Lord!  

I pray the message Sunday on the seasons of the soul spoke to everyone present.  What season of life and the soul do you find yourself in right now?  Are you in a time of transition that involves endings and change?  No matter which season of the soul you find yourself in I trust God is proving faithful.  I encourage everyone to do as Nancy Beach challenged us to do at the Thrive conference this past year.  That being, to let go of the trapeze bar and do the bold thing and trust God in the land "in between the now and the not yet."  

I am so looking forward to Richard, Tara and the girls being with us for Homecoming weekend on Oct 16-18.  Friday and Saturday services will be at 6:30 pm with the Sunday morning service at our normal time of 10:00 am  Let's all begin now to pray much for all three services.  I want to encourage and even challenge everyone to make an extra effort to be present for each service and invite family and friends to come be with you.  May God meet with us in a mighty way is my prayer.

While on Homecoming, I want to let those of you who have been part of the FEC family for a long time to know that I have extended an invitation to one of the former pastors of our church, Floyd B'Hymer, to be the Homecoming speaker next year. Floyd feels right now that he and his wife, JoAnn, will be able to come.

I had a great staff meeting with Taylor, Kenny and Brian today.  Good ministry and outreach plans were discussed and are being put into place. We concluded our time together sharing things that we all felt were positive about our church.  It was a very encouraging time together.  I am excited about what the Lord has in place for FEC in the days ahead.  Taylor, Kenny and Brian have already been and will continue to be a real blessing to our church family.  

I am still enjoying leading the study on the book of Revelation with the prayer meeting group in the choir room on Wednesday nights.  The full room has been a source of joy to this pastor's heart as well.  Come join with us.  We will be discussing chapter 21 this Wednesday night.  

As I have stated on other occasions recently I really encourage everyone to get involved in a small group at FEC. The relationships formed with other believers in these small groups on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights are long lasting and endearing.  Plus, we all grow closer to the Lord and each other when we regularly attend a small group.  I prayerfully encourage everyone in our church family to make the extra effort to attend one of the small groups on Sunday morning and/or Wednesday night.  

Keep inviting.  Keep witnessing.  Keep praying.  Still believing God for good days ahead for us at FEC.  Know you are loved much by your pastor!